Witta's Island Lodge No. 9359
Masonic Province of Oxfordshire
Website Release Notes
22 Apr 2018Updated website post installation meeting
15 Nov 2017Updated meeting and events page.
21 Aug 2017Updated graphics and added circular logo.
20 Aug 2017Updated meeting and events page.
08 Jun 2017Added open day event.
07 May 2017Updated events page.
25 Apr 2017Updated website post installation meeting.
23 Mar 2017Updated LOI meetings page.
12 Feb 2017Updated meetings page.
23 Jan 2016Added flyer for Ladies Festival.
20 Nov 2016Added newsletter.
16 Nov 2016Added Christmas Carol Night flyer.
11 Oct 2016Updated events and meetings pages.
02 Sep 2016Added flyer to End of Season Drinks/ BBQ.
08 Jul 2016Updated events and meetings page.
25 Apr 2016Updated website post installation meeting.
29 Feb 2016Updated meetings and events.
06 Nov 2015Added newsletter issue 5.
06 Nov 2015Added flyer for Christmas Carol event.
12 Oct 2015Added flyer for Valentines event.
23 May 2015Added history page.
22 May 2015Updated events page. Resized lhs menu for font size increase.
20 Mar 2015Updated home page, added newsletter and event details.
16 Mar 2015Fixed background image scroll.
11 Feb 2015Added LOI dates to meetings page. Added new Lodge Committee event for Feb 2015.
30 Jan 2015Added two new items to events page.
23 Jan 2015Added link to Evenlode Lodge website.
15 Dec 2014Added hit counter to home page.
04 Dec 2014Live release to new domain.
03 Dec 2014Modified text on home, meetings and contact page. Added map and comments section to contact page.
01 Dec 2014Reduced vertical size of left hand side menu and allowed it to scroll. Modified events and links pages.
28 Nov 2014Added Nov 2014 Newsletter (news page).
26 Nov 2014Second phase release of website (test server).
25 Nov 2014First phase release of Witta's Island new website (on test server platform).
24 Nov 2014Acquired website domain for new Witta's Island website. Added placeholder for home page.